Your Dog Deserves to be a Star!

Your Dog Deserves to be a Star!

Posted by Roshan Gowlikar on

BARX SOX has slowly been rolling out a new series on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter called 'BARX BUDDIES'. It's a super cute and simple way to show off your pup. Here's how to get your buddy featured!

Send us:

1) A fun, silly, or just plain cute picture of your dog 

2) Breed

3) Age

4) Their 3 favorite activities

We will curate a special post for your good boy (or good girl) on our social media pages. We can be reached on our Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or email ( If you think your pup deserves to be shared with the world, then you've come to the right place! 

Here's an example of our most recent BARX BUDDIES post: 

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