8 Ways to Keep Your Dog Busy While You’re At Work

8 Ways to Keep Your Dog Busy While You’re At Work

Posted by Bruno Veiga on

As a pet owner, a lot of times, we find ourselves caught up with a busy work schedule and other family responsibilities. That could make your pet bored, and your dog might find an alternative means to keep itself busy. This could entail toiling with your clothes and furniture, which could also be harmful to him

Hiring a dog walker is no doubt a brilliant option as it would save you a lot of stress but, did you know there are other better ways you could keep your dog busy while you’re at work?

Your pet is less likely to chew on your favorite pairs of shoes or raid the trash if you do the following:


1. Let your dog watch television

Tune to the Animal Planet™ channel or similar show on your TV with the volume turned up. The sights and sounds of the meowing cats and barking dogs in the quiet house have a way of stimulating your dog’s brain and engaging their focus. Through this means she does not think of doing stuff that could get her into trouble.


2. Provide ways your dog can look through a window or door

Always ensure that the blinds or curtains to the back window of your home are open. That way your pooch can easily watch and become aware of whatever activity is going on outside your house. You can also set a chair or cushion by the window if you have a small dog. It will provide her comfort as your pup squats to enjoy a view.


3. Get your dog a furry brother or sister

Another way of keeping your pet busy while away is by getting her a furry friend that will save the loneliness during the day. While it is entirely your choice to make, ensure that whatever animal that is coming into your home is healthy and vetted before it gets along with your dog.


4. Schedule a puppy play date

You can schedule play dates with the pets of a family member or a trusted neighbor. But you have to ensure your pet enjoys the company of the other. Don’t forget to give your veterinarian’s phone number and name to the parent of the other pet just in case of an emergency.


5. Enroll you pooch in doggy daycare

You can send your pet to a doggy daycare if she actually enjoys the company of other pets. You can find reputable pet care staff in your area that fits your schedule. You can seek advice from other pet owners that make use of the facility.


6. Purchase dental chews

You can provide your dog with enough dental chews to prevent her from continually gnawing on other stuff around. Dental chews will also help with clean teeth and fresh breath.


7. Add a fountain

While providing your dog with fresh, clean water enough for the whole day, you can opt for the fountain as it engages your dog’s interest and diverts her attention. Naturally, most dogs love water, hence providing a fountain is enough to keep her excited for hours.


8. Introduce a new toy

It is good to always rotate your dog’s toys probably after a few weeks. Introduce new ones and take older ones away, so it’s out of sight and mind. That way, you are sure to keep your pet’s toys fresh and exciting. Don’t forget to get tough chew toys in case your pup likes gobbling up things.


These methods have been proven to be highly effective in getting dogs excited all day long. If you have any other ideas we didn't list above, leave us a comment below!