10 Unique Gifts for Dog Lovers

10 Unique Gifts for Dog Lovers

Posted by Kathy Nguyen on

Everyone knows someone in their life who is a serious dog lover. They have at least one dog, they post pictures all over social media, and they talk about their dog all the time. When it comes to birthdays and holidays, this person will greatly appreciate any gift that has to do with dogs. They even appreciate you getting gifts for their dogs!  Read on for more information about 10 unique gifts for dog lovers.

1. Barx Sox

Barx Sox are a fun way to showcase your love for a dog on your feet. The socks come in different varieties that show off different breeds. With these socks, you can literally love your dog from head to toe!

2. Healthy Treats

Dog lovers appreciate when someone gives their pet healthy treats. Go to a local pet store and scope out organic, healthy options. Dog owners will love having something healthy and delicious to give their pup!

3. Framed Picture of Their Dog

All dog lovers share pictures of their pooch on social media. Take one of those pictures and get it printed and framed. Your dog-loving friend will love having a framed picture of their pet for their house.

4. BarkBox Subscription

BarkBox is a fun company that sends out monthly subscription boxes. These boxes include treats and toys for your dog, all related to a fun theme. Dog lovers will appreciate getting a subscription as a gift for their dogs.

5. Dog Bowls

Most dog owners only have one water and food bowl for their dog. Mix it up and gift them with some fun new bowls for their furry friend.

6. Comfy Beds

Many dog lovers long to give their pooch a wonderful memory foam bed but may not be ready for the hefty price. A nice, high-quality dog bed is the perfect gift to give a dog lover.

7. Collars

Dog lovers enjoy switching out their dog’s collars, whether at random or for special occasions. Your dog-loving friend will be thrilled to receive more collars to add to their rotation.

8. Outfits

Some dog lovers like to dress their dog up in outfits. If this is your friend, purchase some fun doggy costumes for them as a gift. This can be especially fun around Halloween.

9. Pet Store Gift Cards

All dog lovers make frequent visits to the pet store for a variety of things, from food to toys to treats. Give your friend a gift card to their local pet store to help them out next time they make a purchase.

10. Wag! Walks

Wag is an app where dog owners can hire a dog walker to come to walk their dog during the day while they are gone. This is a great app, but the costs of daily walks can add up. Purchase a few walks for your dog-loving friend to help them get started.

There are so many gifts for dog lovers, it can be hard to just pick one! Fortunately, your dog-loving friend or family member will enjoy getting gifts related to their dog all year long. Start with this list of 10 things and watch your dog-loving friend light up with happiness. Contact Barx Sox today for more information about buying socks for the dog lover in your life!


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